Privacy Policy

At Anchorite, I never collect your data.

Put simply, I don't need it. I make games and apps for you, and your feedback is more than enough to tell us what I'm getting wrong.

I've tried in the past to use analytics services, to build on the fly funnels via third party programs and honestly Anchorite is just not at a scale where thats remotely useful to me.

I also strongly believe that games and apps shouldn't be a financial burden to you once you've started using them. Many other developers prefer continuous revenue such as advertising or subscriptions, but at Anchorite, I like to keep things simple.

If you feel that there's any issues with our products, please don't hesitate to contact me at @anchorite_games over on Mastodon, or to reach out via Discord at the Anchorite Server.

Anchorite is a solo effort run by: Mathew Purchase