UI Implementation v4Finalv6finalfinal


(this also covers last week, as I was too exhausted to post an update last friday)

So it's been a long couple months of doing Charge's UI work. What I've ended up doing is completely rewriting the existing, terrible, UI and replacing it with something much much nicer, and more extensible.

I also spent a fair bit of time decoupling more systems, just making it easier to test / fix / figure out issues in the future.

All in all this patch of work has been an absolute slog. From the hyper enthusiasm of the graphic design through to the minute to minute issues of implementing it. I'm glad it's done, and I'm proud as punch of it all.

There's finally a couple bugs that still need sorting out, so I'll work on those next week, then if all looks good, I'll put together a proper armylist... and start actually testing the game? 👀

An in game screenshot with the new UI. Starting to look like a real game now!

Also as a little tease. I've been working away at the 'mech game Exoloper too. I haven't formalised the tasks for that just yet, but the things I got working this week include:

Charge Tasks completed: