Controllers and Cosmetics

After the past few weeks of rubbish this week was finally productive (read, actually good). At long last I finally got around to working on Interloper again.

Here's the thing. As a creative of any kind you're always chasing the high of the next big thing. The next thing you do is always more interesting and better put together, easier to work with. So coming back to the codebase and art for Interloper is always a little hard. Some of the stuff I made here is nearly seven years old (inherited from previous projects) and so its um.. how do I say... a bit crap. Poorly written code (I thought it was smart at the time), inefficient art assets, poor design decisions etc etc, they keep coming up every time I touch the project. It's not the worst thing in the world, just makes coming back to it a bit slow.

So Monday was a slog. By the time I got to lunch time I was seriously considering just switching back to Charge, but you don't get to make games without some discipline. I pushed on, and by the end of the day I actually found I was back to enjoying working on the game.

A couple design refreshes, fixes to ancient issues, and mostly improvements to the controller experience, the rest of the week went by far too quickly. It's always great to get really stuck into some work. The best part was taking the time to go through every menu, cleaning up any issues that cropped up when changing UI scales, and across various aspect ratios.

Anyway so this update is close to being done. I've got some bugs to figure out with the build procedure for macOS and tvOS, and once they're sorted it's off to the races. Fortunately there's no issues with the iOS build at all, I'm sure, definitely. I'll be testing it out thoroughly over the next week to be sure.

Tasks completed: