New Exoloper Build

Xcode's organiser says it's been a couple months since my last build, and while I find it hard to believe, it's probably right. So for those who run the Testflight verison of the game, I'm sorry it's taken so long to get this build up. Last build 10, November, 2023, current: 19 January 2024... thats a long time

As for what's new between these builds? So much. The reason it's taken so long is that I've been completely rebuilding the games UI to be production ready (with some eventual tweaks), so thats stuff like implementing an updated graphic design, a fully interactive Exo-builder interface, 3D backgrounds, blur effects, completely new navigation paths, updated functionality on top of systems that were stubbed out previously, and so so much more.

With all this new stuff mostly in the game, there's going to be some bugs and issues, especially with the way that they interact with my previous assumptions about things. The next few weeks will continue to see work on finishing the UI content, but also I'll do more regular releases to clear out the issues that've cropped up.

swanky looking new ui.. notably there's still some issues..

On the more personal front this week has been kind of great. It's the first week in a long while where I feel like I've been able to get stuck into my work properly. Can't exactly say why, as I'm still surrounded with boxes, and there's a fair amount of chaos going on in the background, but something clicked and I managed to power through tasks with more gusto than the past few weeks. Potentially its because a few things fell into place on the project, and that I worked through some issues that'd been plaguing the UI rework, potentially it's just that it's not as hot right now.

Exoloper Tasks completed: