Graphic Design

In 2015 I was asked by someone I used to help out from time to time to do some graphic design work. Up until this point most of my graphic design had been completely in games, but this was for an app. I said sure, why not. I was freshly out of a job, wrapping up work on Unstoppable and kinda needed some cash. What I proceeded to make was utter crap work, wasn't proud of it, but I got paid.

Since then I've worked on improving my skills, once again self taught. I eventually picked up a full time job with the person who contracted me for a couple years, mostly doing graphic design, game dev and app dev. Now I wouldn't say I'm a great graphic designer, but I can certainly do the work and this week consisted almost entirely of graphic design work. While I'd spent some time near the start of the project laying out colours and basic layouts, this week was a complete pass. I went over every screen, filled out missing ones, refined existing pages. Honestly I could probably spend another two weeks on this, but time is of the essence, so what I've managed to get done will have to do.

The net feeling is much a tighter and more controlled iteration of what I already had. I did spend some time looking at alternative designs, different colour palettes and such, but nothing could quite tear me away from this lovely shade of purple. Overall I'm happy enough with where this is all going. Just have to design for all the screen orientations and sizes now. Wish me luck!

Exoloper Tasks completed: