Interloper 1.7 Work

This week has been primarily focussed on work for interloper. It's always a little strange going back to a previous project after working on a newer shinier one. You get accustomed to doing things using the improved processes, and using newer, more improved features.

I kicked off the week with some marketing work, building out some new screenshots for the App Store page. What started out as a chore eventually became fun. I enjoyed trying to do something a little different, a little more splashy compared to the original screenshots (which on retrospect are awful) I also set them up in an A:B test to see if they perform any better than the originals, which to no surprise seems to be the case so far.

After that I dove right back in where I last left off building out the new "ship customisation" system. This first step of that process is effectively a b-skin for each of the ships in the game, each with an associated unlock requirement. Think something like achievements. Some will be clearly telegraphed, others will be more subtle.

I really struggled to get back into the ship designs. While I enjoy making models and designs, I think the spark for working on Interloper just isn't there right now. Four years of work non stop will do that to you. I wouldn't call it crunch, but when sandwiched into being a full time dad for a good couple months there, and then dealing with some mental health stuff, I don't particularly have much in the way of a good time. Thats not to say I disliked working on Interloper during that period, but its more just.. I'm a bit burned out on the project.

Anyway, all that said, the new feature is shaping up nicely. I even managed to push a build up to TestFlight, so that's good! It's buggy as hell, but it should give a good taste for what the end product will look like.

Also spent a fair amount of time this week thinking about the future of Interloper, how I intend to keep maintaining it and what I plan on doing for new features going forward. Don't really have anything conclusive to say on that, but.. I've thought about it!

Tasks completed:





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