So I haven't mentioned this yet (and if I have, forgive me), but I'm a dad to a toddler, alongside being a solo game dev.

My kid's great. They're intelligent, emotionally in touch and super curious about the world. I really couldn't ask for more.


They're a toddler. Which comes with all the great stuff you get when you're still coming to terms with the absolute basics of being alive. Sometimes you get so into playing with lego that you forget that you've got poop slowly migrating down your pants. Sometimes the only thing you want to eat in the world was that last biscuit that your Dad just ate. Nearly all the time you absolutely do not want to go to bed because it means missing out on more fun.

The net result of all this is that I'm almost perpetually exhausted, which is to be expected, but.. exhausted. On a week to week basis this is all fine, but the killer is when they're sick. They get sick roughly once a month on average, 99% of the time it's just a sinus thing, but it means i end up having to take care of them during the week when they're not at daycare.

Taking care of a toddler needs nearly 100% of your attention as you never know quite when they're gonna try something new... like eating lego, or sending a toy for a trip out the window. As I said, they're mostly good, it's just that underlying, constant possibility that something might go wrong any second.

Anyway this is all a preamble to say: I've managed to do very little this week. Monday my partner was lovely enough to take time off their super busy schedule to look after the kiddo, so I managed to get some bugs fixed then.

The rest of the week has been trying to squeeze in some quick art whenever I could.

Bugs squashed