Week off kinda

Going to keep it brief today.

The past four months have been particularly trying for me. I've been away from my desk, my tools and importantly, from the place that makes me feel comfortable.

I've also had a ton of super stressful factors going on, including the Interloper update that I've been meaning to get live for quite some time now.

But this week my body literally told me to sit down and chill. I pulled a hamstring on monday doing some exercises. Caught some kind of cold that's left me with a constant sore throat, and just because I'm a glutton for punishment I went and got my latest COVID vaccine which absolutely knocked me out for Thursday and Friday.

All this means that I've done very little this week.

I think I'm overdue an actual holiday where I go away and get some quiet time to myself, but that'll be another week.

Tasks completed: