Bugfixin July

This week was.. tedious. Literally just going through and fixing bugs left right and centre.

What initially looked like it would be an easy week turned into a slog when I realised that the UI flow I'd setup over the past few weeks actually only worked for local pass-and-play games, and not really for online games. Simple stuff to start with like, the deploy screen being active for both players at the same time, and then slowly more complex issues raised their heads.

Issues with synchronisation of data, issues with not quite knowing which game I was joining, having to create specific UI for connecting to games without using Apple's game centre views, etc etc et.

Here's an example of what that looks like in practice: This particular element shows games that you've previously played. First I actually had to make the system that generates a name for the match (whoops, forgot that), then an icon to say whether it's pass and play or online, and a game ID field, and uhh... a delete button. it's subtle, but it's there

Lots of little things like this added up to make an entire week of issues.

Anyway, it all works nicely now. (at least in my limited testing so far)

Which brings me to the next bit. Soon I'll be doing a very limited public alpha of the game. Five to ten people, mostly looking to iron out major issues with the game.

I still need to build a bug reporter that can handle screenshots, and probably do more bugfixing before I get to that, but that's the plan for now.

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