Interloper Postmortem


So 1.700 recently launched. I added some fun unlockable content and fixed a majority of the issues with controller navigation in the game. Pretty happy with that.

Next month marks the three year anniversary for Interloper which is huge. I've never worked on a title post-launch for that long before. I've learned a ton doing this, and honestly I'm surprised it went as well as it did. Interloper's sales have supported me through both the pandemic and becoming a father, no small feat.

Which brings me to the hard part. I'm no longer going to make any new features for Interloper. This is for two reasons:

a) Sales have been steadily declining for over half a year now b) The game's codebase was architected back in 2017 and choices I made as a less experienced developer are limiting what I can do going forward.

fig a: my attempt to describe the above. also my handwriting. (sorry)

There's a ton of stuff I would love to do with the game, but just can't with the way it's architected right now without sinking a ton of time for not a lot of gain. Things like a campaign, multiplayer, more cosmetics etc. I might end up making these things into a sequel of sorts for the game, but only time will tell there.

One thing to point out, one critical thing: I will still do patches to update the game with bugfixes. I'll also try to keep ontop of OS level updates as they come (thinking new screen sizes and whatnot)

One last note: Thank you. Thank you to everyone who played the game, to everyone who submitted a bug report, left a review (positive or negative) on the App Store. For just interacting with this little passion project I made. You're all great.