The space flight combat
simulator, designed for iOS,
developed by Anchorite.


FLY like you've never flown before on iPhone and iPad with a full six degrees of freedom. Play it your way in either portrait or landscape.

TAKE HOLD with full support for MFi controllers or get up close and personal to be immersed with intense haptics and on-screen controls.

DEFEND your people against the oppressive COMMONWEALTH. ENGAGE in a selection of fast-paced missions and beautiful environments.

IGNORE THE ODDS and go toe to toe with swarms of fighters, frigates armed to the teeth or hulking capital ships. DON'T GO IN ALONE, bring your own elite fighter squadrons.

The higher the risk,
the higher the reward.

CUSTOMISE your fighter with an array of load-out options. BALANCE your choice of weapons, utilities and wingmen. Experiment with new equipment or get comfortable with favourites.

BUILD UP your arsenal with salvage from each successful run. EQUIP potent salvaged items to take on the heavily armed COMMONWEALTH fleets.

KEEP YOUR COOL and you'll make it out alive. Getting wiped out means giving up on your current gear and loot. BAIL OUT early if things are looking tough and live to fight another day.

An unmatched experience

"Its action and intensity is unmatched with its dazzling visuals and effects, and its roguelike-inspired structure makes it the perfect game to hop into for just a few minutes of your free time or for hours on end, exactly the type of thing I want in a game made for mobile."

- Jared Nelson, TouchArcade

"Dazzling visuals and sound effects add heat as you weave between asteroids and bombard Commonwealth transports with rail guns and flak cannons. Interloper's intensity rarely lets up."

- Apple Editorial Team, Game of the Day

"There's a huge element of risk/reward decision-making here, as holding out in the hopes of finishing the mission could result in you losing your fancy new weapons or utilities."

- Cameron Bald, Pocket Gamer

Music by P A Kilpinen