A rank and flank (digital) tabletop wargame by Anchorite.

Production halted.

Hooves thunder across the field, bolts dash through the air, Halberds clash on a pavaise wall. Kevorki clanswomen spring from the frozen mud in a surprise attack on the central kingdoms soldiers. The battle's outcome rests on the capability of your cavalry's thunderous charge. Can you outwit the enemy general?

Charge is a (digital) tabletop rank-and-flank wargame in the style of games like Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Kings of War, Napoleons Battles and more. Take to the field with armies from a diverse and strange roster of factions. Customise your troops with detailed paint schemes, and challenge your friends to strategic turn based combat.

Designed from the ground up to work both digitally and on a real tabletop, Charge! is both a love letter to tabletop wargaming, and a fresh take on some of the genres oldest ideas.

Digital Tabletop Wargame

Charge is designed to be simple and quick to play. This is even more prevalent in it's digital form.

Grab your phone, tablet or computer. Boot up the game, invite a friend, play through the six turns a side and congratulate your opponent for a tough game all in under an hour. No need to organise a time and place, no need to setup a table or move units on trays.

That said, it doesn't lose whats at the heart of a fun tabletop experience. Dice rolls, measuring distances, carefully laid plans and deterministic turn based gameplay are all core pillars of the game.

Charge's noble goal is to bring the classic rank and flank gameplay to a far wider audience.

Living Rulebook

For those who love that tabletop feeling, of being able to pick up a miniature, inspect it's paint. To feel a die rolling from your palm, Charge is for you as well.The game's rulebook will be available in PDF, website and ebook formats and is 100% free.

Take your experience from your hard won digital conquests to the tabletop with 3D printed miniatures. These will be available in either .STL format, or as ready-printed minis. Of course, if you'd rather just use what you've already got then the game can accomodate for that too.

Charge is also scale agnostic, with distances designed to work in either inches (roughly 28mm scale) or centimetres ( roughly 10mm scale ). Big or small, how you play is up to you.